Honor Bound, the 9th novel by Florida author Robert N. Macomber

Professional Praise For Honor Bound

Phil Jason, PhD 
Professor Emeritus of English, U.S. Naval Academy
“Robert Macomber’s ongoing fictional representation of latter 19th century U.S. government maritime enterprise dazzles in its mix of historical fact and imaginative embellishment. More than merely convincing are Mr. Macomber’s descriptions of devastating storms, devastated ships, exotic vistas, voodoo belief & near death by poisoning. His mastery of the era’s seamanship, navigation and technology underpins harrowing narrations of human stamina and willpower pushed to the limits.

Rear Admiral Tony Cothron, USN
USN (ret.), Director of Naval Intelligence
“A must-read book for anyone who appreciates history, intelligence, and great storytelling by a master of the art of historical fiction.”