An Honorable War book cover

Professional Praise For An Honorable War

George D. Jepson
Editor, Quarterdeck Journal
“… Macomber’s delicious storytelling – a combination of riddles, action on the sea and ashore, well-drawn characters, and exotic locations – is a praiseworthy entry in the naval fiction genre. His rip roaring narrative is engaging, while chronicling a consequential period in American history.”

James O. Born
Best-selling Author
“An Honorable War takes the reader on a journey of passion and drama that history often overlooks. With the Spanish-American War as a backdrop, Robert Macomber weaves a great story of not only honor, but action and love.”

Phil Jason, PhD 
Professor Emeritus of English, U.S. Naval Academy
“How does Robert Macomber keep doing this? The 13th installment of his splendid Honor Series once again transforms a pile of historical fact into a work of colorful, well imagined and highly suspenseful entertainment.”
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