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Sailing Vessel Alondra

The freshness of fall will be here before we know it! Time to feel the wind, under sail. Perfect for time aboard the lovely 47 ft. gaff-rigged ketch, Alondra. These trips sell out fast, so be sure not to miss this chance this Fall. Otherwise you will have to wait until the Spring to try again. Available dates are: 

October 29th - Thursday  [1:30pm-5:30pm] SOLD OUT
November 5th - Thursday  [1pm-5pm]
November 7th - Saturday  [1pm-5pm]
November 12th - Thursday  [1pm-5pm]
December 4th - Friday  [1pm-5pm] SOLD OUT

Our fall's theme is "Theodore Roosevelt: The Right Man At The Right Time." I'll surprise you with tales of this man's incredible life and accomplishments. You'll also see some of the islands he sailed through on his visit to this coast in search of a world record devilfish.

It's a wonderful opportunity to learn history, see unspoiled nature, and experience first-hand what it is like to sail through our tranquil paradise.

Remember, these extremely popular excursions only happen twice a year, so call today to reserve your spot on a passage into history filled with lies, spies, devilfish and love!! Call Nancy Koucky at 239-233-3003 or email her at

Alondra's website is: 

Alondra gets underway from the main dock at Tarpon Lodge, an Old Florida fishing lodge in the village of Pineland, on Pine Island. If you come from out of the area, spend a night or two at Tarpon Lodge. A delightful dinner at sunset is a truly memorable experience! To get a room or to reserve a table for dinner at Tarpon Lodge, call 239-283-3999;

Each sailing cruise is four hours, and the price is $99 per person. For each cruise, there is a maximum of six passengers and must be a minimum of four signed up.

Delicious hors d'oeuvres and bottled water are served aboard. If you would like to bring something extra along to drink and/or eat, please feel free to do so - lots of folks do!



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In my never ending quest to provide my readers with enough historical knowledge to stand them in good stead at any pub, bar, tavern, or university in the world, I have embarked on a project at my Facebook page. At the beginning of each month, I present a little known but intriguing fact of history which turned out to be rather influential. 

It's called DID YOU KNOW? For example, George Washington was not the first president of the USA, and our first foreign war was against our best friend, France.  Some fascinating discussions have resulted.

So friend me on Facebook, join the fun, and start winning those cocktail hour wagers!

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To join me on Facebook and get updates from my adventures around the globe!




Honors Rendered

It’s early 1889. Germany is trying to add the islands of Samoa to its burgeoning Pacific empire. For six months, German and American naval forces have been engaged in an escalating war confrontation at the main Samoan island of Upolu. Warships are at battle stations. Reinforcements from both nations are on the way. The press in Berlin and San Francisco are calling for national honor to be defended. At any minute, open combat may erupt. All it will take is one miscalculation…

Commander Peter Wake, Office of Naval Intelligence, has been given an impossible assignment by President Grover Cleveland, whose administration will end on March 4th, and who plans on running for the presidency again in four years. Cleveland doesn’t want a war to be the legacy of his first term in office. Wake is ordered to get to Samoa and clandestinely accomplish one of two things: somehow prevent war from breaking out, or win it decisively at the outset to prevent it from spreading around the globe.

Enlisting the help of an unlikely team found along the way—a Hawaiian artillery officer, a renegade Methodist minister, and a beautiful shyster—Wake is led into situations he never anticipated, for the South Pacific is a very dangerous place indeed. And in the end, he faces a foe more daunting than any before in his life.

The story in HONORS RENDERED is taken from the real history of the South Pacific, where the clash of Germany and the United States predated World War I by 25 years. The fascinating story of the islands and people of Hawaii, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and Samoa, are all part of the novel. It took seven years to research and write this tale of treachery, bravery, nobility, and greed, including six voyages throughout the South Pacific. It was finally completed in 2012, after living for six weeks at Upolu and Pago Pago in Samoa to finish the manuscript.  

HONORS RENDERED was released to bookstores across North America in late September, 2013. The book signing tour began in Maine in late September and continued all the way to Key West in December. The novel garnered excellent critical and reader reviews.





Honorable Lies
"Macomber is the O'Brian of the Caribbean"

Randy Wayne White

 Click HERE for the television interview for
Honorable Lies
on the "Studio 10 show" at WTSP--Tampa Bay

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Honorable Lies on NPR's "All Things Considered"


Honor Bound

"Robert Macomber's ongoing fictional representation of latter 19th century U.S. government maritime enterprise dazzles in its mix of historical fact and imaginative embellishment."

 "More then merely convincing are Mr. Macomber's descriptions of devastating storms, devastated ships, exotic vistas, voodoo belief and near death by poisoning. His mastery of the era's seamanship, navigation and technology underpins harrowing narrations of human stamina and willpower pushed to the limits."

Reviewed for Florida Weekly by
Phil Jason, PhD
Professor Emeritus of English
U.S. Naval Academy

The Darkest Shade of Honor

click here to see a short video about the new novel

"A solid entry in a popular series."


 "Making history come alive is Robert Macomber's talent and passion."

--Florida Weekly

"The Darkest Shade of Honor, the eighth novel in Macomber's award-winning Honor Series, is by far his best book yet. I actually read it cover to cover in only one day. It was that good. The action is riveting, the storyline outstanding, the writing exceptional and, given that much of the book's backstory is factual, this one will be a hard book to top. In fact, I can hardly wait for the movie."

-- Naples News

"Macomber's knowledge of maritime history and his ability to mix real characters with fictional characters make his books fascinating reading."

--Saint Augustine Record


The Honored Dead

Click here to see Robert N. Macomber's
 video introducing The Honored Dead

"Starred--Highly Recommended" review from Booklist

“So vividly written that it’s easy to forget Wake is a made-up character. . . . Fans of the Honor Series will enjoy the shift in narrative point of view: Wake has a strong voice, and it is fascinating to see his world and his time through his own eyes. Highly recommended for fans of naval fiction, especially Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series, C. S. Forester’s Hornblower novels, or anything by Bernard Cornwell.”

--David Pitt, Booklist

"You'll never look at the Vietnam War the same after reading The Honored Dead. A "must read" book for anyone who appreciates history, intelligence, and great story-telling, by a master of the art of historical fiction. An action-packed thriller!"

--Rear Admiral Tony Cothron, USN (Ret)
62nd Director of Naval Intelligence

"I have read all of his novels and enjoy Mr. Macomber's writing style, his ability to get the historical facts correct, and his development of interesting characters while spinning his tale. This series is a different kind of naval fiction than Hornblower or the Aubrey books; you don't have to be knowledgeable about nautical terms. Instead, you get caught up in the story without becoming confused trying to define unusual words, which can stop the flow of the novel. This book can be enjoyed without reading the previous books in the series. Highly recommended. I look forward to his eight book."

Historical Novels Review




Winner of the highest 
award in the genre - 
The American Library Association's 
2008 W.Y. Boyd Literary 
Award for Excellence



~ A Different Kind of Honor ~

Available Fall 2007

"Naval historian Robert Macomber has no rival when it comes to painstaking research and the passion he brings to his subject.  But A Different Kind of Honor  is historical fiction on a different level. -- a thriller as good as James Patterson's best that will satisfy academics  and action junkies  equally."
-- Randy Wayne White

New York Times Best-selling Author

"A tour de force that sails through the uncharted historical waters of Latin American and the Caribbean in the late 19th century with confidence, verve, and crackling energy.  Bob Macomber's series of nautical historical fiction is full speed ahead with this sixth novel, the best yet of a superb series.  He captures well the edgy, unfinished, and fascinating story of the Americas during a time of immense tehnological, political, and cultural change."

Admiral James Stavridis, USN 

"Serving up a well salted history lesson."

Fort Myers (Florida) News-Press





~ An Affair of Honor ~

"Bob Macomber continues to create entertaining and informative story lines that illuminate a tumultuous period in U.S. naval history. Macomber, himself an accomplished sailor, lecturer, and historian, keeps the action lively and the plotting brisk. My advice is to sign on early and set sail with Peter Wake for both solid historical context and exciting sea stories!"

Vice Admiral James Stavridis, Naval Institute Proceedings





~ A Dishonorable Few ~

"A Dishonorable Few is the fourth in the series of novels, and author Robert Macomber continues to create entertaining and informative story lines that illuminate a tumultous period in United States naval history. ...My advice is to sign on early and set sail with Peter Wake for both solid historical context and exciting sea stories."

Vice Admiral James Stavridis, 
United States Naval Institute

"...a rousing adventure tale whose educational,and even inspirational, elements are conveyed with painless ease."

Laurie Chambliss, Book Reviewer, 
Civil War Interactive Magazine

"The Hornblower tradition lives on. ...The sea journeys and battles are well done, with an easy precision that tells where Macomber's strengths as a writer lie..."

Rosalind Brackenbury, Book Reviewer, 
Solares Hill Newspaper, Key West  

"Author Robert Macomber does an excellent job of building a plot and populating his novel with a host of fascinating characters. This fast-moving tale will hold your interest to the end. It has enticed me to seek out the other novels in this award-winning series."

The Ensign---magazine of the United States Power Squadrons



~ Honorable Mention ~

“This is an excellent Civil War–era novel. The characters are drawn with such skill you come to believe you know them personally, and you are right there when the action takes place—not just reading about it. Robert Macomber has produced a novel that will linger in your memory long after the last page is read. He is truly a gifted writer.”

- Patrick D. Smith
Acclaimed historical novelist

"Robert Macomber's Honorable Mention is extraordinary, a first-rate historical novel by a master of the genre. This rousing sea adventure is reminiscent of the swashbuckling yarns of Robert Louis Stevenson and Herman Wouk."

- Joe Weber
 New York Times bestselling novelist


"...In this book, Robert N. Macomber proves that he is not only a superb naval historian, but he can also tell a compelling, action-packed story that educates painlessly as it sails the reader along."

- Randy Wayne White
New York Times bestselling novelist



recipient of  the
2003 John Esten Cooke 
Literary Award
National Award 
with $1,000 prize 



~ Point of Honor ~

"Peter Wake sails under the Stars and Stripes into the maelstrom of the Civil War, off the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas, attempting to make some sense of the somber storm engulfing the North and South, while doing his duty. In Robert Macomber's Point of Honor, Peter Wake continues to emerge as an American hero worthy of his counterparts in naval fiction."

- Tall Ships Books

"As the story, begun in At the Edge of Honor,widens in this novel, it becomes richer. The characters are more complex and the action moves well. If you're a fan of 19th century naval history and/or the Civil War, this is a book for you. If not, this book could make you one." 

- Gerald T. Burke 
The Historical Novel Review



recipient of the
2003 Patrick D. Smith Award
Best Historical Novel 
of Florida



~ At The Edge of Honor  ~

"Robert Macomber is a first-rate naval historian, and At the Edge of Honor proves it. The fascinating story of Florida's Civil War sea battles was unknown to me until I read this book"

- Randy Wayne White
Nationally Acclaimed Adventure/Mystery Author

"At last! Finally we have an American character the equivalent of Hornblower or Aubry, a sailor who can do the evolutions and the special missions, who makes things happen and is human besides. Even better, Peter Wake sails in the Civil War, working in a fascinating corner of that terrible conflict, with blockade runners, Spaniards, and Brits mixed up in a rollicking sea adventure. Not to be missed."

- John Prados
Nationally Acclaimed Historian and Author:


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