Point of Honor, the 2nd novel by Florida author Robert N. Macomber

Professional Praise For Point of Honor

The 2004 John Esten Cooke Literary Award For
Best Work in Southern Fiction

John Prados
Author of Combined Fleet Decoded
“At last! Finally we have an American character the equivalent of Hornblower or Aubry.”

Tall Ships Books
“Peter Wake sails under the Stars and Stripes into the maelstrom of the Civil War, off the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas, attempting to make some sense of the somber storm engulfing the North and South, while doing his duty. In Robert Macomber’s Point of Honor, Peter Wake continues to emerge as an American hero worthy of his counterparts in naval fiction.”

CWI Premium, formerly Civil War Interactive
“Macomber’s career as a writer parallels that of Peter Wake as a sailor. They both came from a knowledgeable background–nonfiction in Bob’s case and commercial sailing in Peter’s–and switched to different fields, fiction and the military … and it’s a knockout combination.”

Gerald T. Burke
The Historical Novel Review
“As the story, begun in At the Edge of Honor, widens in this novel, it becomes richer. The characters are more complex and the action moves well. If you’re a fan of 19th century naval history and/or the Civil War, this is a book for you. If not, this book could make you one.”

 John Wetjen
Book Reviewer For The Sportsman’s Gazzette
“It is said that a novel is a piece of mind candy.  In that case this story, set during the Civil War in the waters of west Florida featuring brash young Lt. Peter Wake of the Union forces, is a whole box of chocolate creams from Russell Stover.”

 The Small Press Review
“Macomber’s series involving interesting, active characters is based upon his knowledege and experience of maritime history and seafaring. His novels present little known incidents in American history in out-of-the-way locales in the course of colorful, adventurous tales.”