Honors Rendered, the 11th novel by Florida author Robert N. Macomber

Professional Praise For Honors Rendered

By the Historical Novel Society
“Editors’ Choice” designation in the Historical Novels Review

Historical Novels Review
“Highly Recommended”
“Honors Rendered is the eleventh entry in the award-winning naval historical fiction series by Robert Macomber. The series began with Wake commanding a ship during the American Civil War and has continued with Wake involved in conflicts in the Caribbean and as far away as Viet Nam. I have read all the books in the series. Each book can stand alone, but it is well worth it, from the standpoint of character development, to read them in sequence. The author and his staff have spent hours of research and visited the locations of each story. One added bonus, the book contains endnotes for each chapter that explain the actual history in more detail. The characters are well drawn out, the plots are exciting, and the story is a page-turner. It is recommended for male readers by the publisher, but I also feel female readers who enjoy stories with close relationships will find this novel attractive. Highly recommended.”

WGCU Florida Book Page
Linda Fasulo, reviewer
“For years, I’ve been a fan of author Robert N. Macomber’s Honor Series of novels, and of his protagonist, Peter Wake. Not only are the books fascinating and exciting from an historical perspective, but given the age in which we live where heroes are hard to come by, it’s refreshing to experience, even if through print, the adventures of a man who esteems honesty, honor and country above all else …”
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The Ensign, Magazine of the United States Power Squadrons
by Dave Osmolsk, Wake Up Call
     “In this well-crafted novel, President Grover Cleveland asks U.S. Navy Cmdr. Peter Wake to stop the aggressive German takeover of Samoa without triggering a war between Germany and America. With Sean Rork hospitalized with malaria, Wake sets off alone, posing as a Baltimore businessperson looking to invest money in South Pacific enterprises.
     Traveling to Samoa from Hawaii, Wake teams up with three people sympathetic to his mission: David Aukai, who is dispatched by the Hawaiian government to disable the German fleet in Samoa; Jane Cushman, who uses her charm to fleece wealthy males; and John Irons, a clergyman who wants to end conscripted slave labor in the South Pacific. All have skills and contacts allowing them to help Wake and pursue their own agendas. 
     With the mission nearly accomplished, a turn of events changes their lives and history forever.”