At the Edge Of Honor, the 1st novel by Florida author Robert N. Macomber

Professional Praise For At The Edge Of Honor

The 2003 Patrick D. Smith Literary Award for
Best Historical Novel of Florida

Randy Wayne White
Nationally Acclaimed Adventure/Mystery Author
“Robert Macomber is a first-rate naval historian, and At the Edge of Honor proves it. The fascinating story of Florida’s Civil War sea battles was unknown to me until I read this book.”

Publishers Weekly
“Macomber skillfully describes tactical strategizing while providing the history of Florida’s Civil War sea battles.”

John Prados
Nationally Acclaimed Historian and Author
“At last! Finally we have an American character the equivalent of Hornblower or Aubry, a sailor who can do the evolutions and the special missions, who makes things happen and is human besides. Even better, Peter Wake sails in the Civil War, working in a fascinating corner of that terrible conflict, with blockade runners, Spaniards, and Brits mixed up in a rollicking sea adventure. Not to be missed.”

Laurie A. Chambliss
Associate Editor, Civil War Interactive Magazine
“Macomber has written nonfiction pieces on various aspects of the Civil War and Florida with considerable style as well as solid historical research. It is delightful to see that he can handle that same topics in fiction, which should bring a larger audience to the subjects. It’s a wonderful first novel from an author who may be one of the most promising of the next generation of Civil War fiction writers.”

Lew Schmidt
Florida Civil War Historian and Author
“Robert Macomber brings to life a little known and long forgotten aspect of the American Civil War as he takes readers back in time to actual events taking place along the coasts of southern Florida. He has filled in the realities missing from the official records and sterile histories.”

Blake A. Magner
Book Review Editor, Civil War News Magazine
“At the Edge of Honor” is a well written, page turning tale. It is an easy read and would appeal to anyone interested in the naval aspect of the Civil War, or of Florida during the period.”